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Walt Knitting Co., Ltd. is located in Haiyan, Jiaxing City, China Haiyan Tong Yuan Yucai town, Zhejiang Industrial Park, located in Chang Hang Pu high-speed and high-speed interchange, traffic is very convenient.

118 km south of Shanghai, 98 kilometers south from the provincial capital Hangzhou. The company covers an area of 12,600 square meters, employs 100 people, with titanium, hafnium and other advanced production equipment Hing F7 80, with production, seam, stereotypes, washing socks and so the whole production process.

Walt specializes in producing sports socks and different kinds of casual socks. All the indexes in manufacturing area reach the international production and inspection standard after it has been verified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and ISO9001. The company conducts cooperation with lots of famous brands through production pattern of OEM, and its products, which are popular with customers, are mainly exported to Europe,America, Oceania, Japan etc. 

With efficient modern management system, the factory pattern in line with international standards of production and verification. The annual output of 15 million pairs, the company OEM production cooperation with many well-known brands,

Products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Australia, Japan and other places, by the customer favorite.

Founded since 2005, Walt has gone through the examination and assessment by K-mart, BSCI, Oeko-Tex within short period of 10 years. It has obtained stable market share and it has widely accepted by all walks of life in fierce market competition.

Quality of life
service is the soul

Walt has shown its actual strength through facts. All staff members in Walt are always convinced that originality, quality, honesty and cooperation are more than a slogan, and they are the soul and inexhaustible driving force of an enterprise pursuing long-term development.

Through professional mechanical equipment, exquisite manufacturing craftsmanship , Walt has all along produced each sock with the most serious attitude to meet customers’ pursuit for comfort and health. 

Leadership Message

I, on behalf of all the staff of Walt socks, would like to express my sincerest gratitude to all leaders, friends, strategic partners and people from all walks of life that care and support the development of Walt socks!

We have experienced many years of hard pioneering and unwavering cultivation and then harvested great fruit from the years of hard working and struggling. Time is like a song, and journey like a dancing. We feel excited when reviewing the past and ambitious when looking forward the future. No matter how long we have trekked, the experience of these years was just a moment in the history; no matter how outstanding we have attained, the achievement is only a result of the past.

Today, we, Walt socks will stick to years of rich cultural deposit, and the corporate’s core value of “sincere behavior and serious business”, the quality policy of the Company in “pursuing excellence, basing on the world, creating quality products and satisfying the customers” and the corporate operation philosophy on “people orientation, practical innovation, honest operation and pursuit for perfection”, along with the “professional and industrial path” as a development direction, and finally achieve “the most influential socks enterprise”.

We treat market, customers, quality and talents as the most important and most valuable four major elements for existence and development of the enterprise. Success of the business cannot do without support of the customers. It is the core of our enterprise management to “start from the need of the customers and end with their satisfactions.” If customers give us a chance, we will return satisfactions to the customers with our actual actions, which is our unwavering promise!

We shall establish a firm and cool-minded quality, and stick to professional spirit and focus on core advantage, persistently pursue excellent quality and superb achievement, and constantly improve the product value and the corporate value with our quality products and satisfactory service. It is our everlasting pursuit!

Now, Walt socks shall focus on operation and development, build the most perfect enterprise with all efforts, strengthen the business, and form new core competitive strength of Walt socks and create a quality brand of our socks products.

We hope to become a friend with you forever and create brilliant business together!